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The Chung Tian Temple

The Chung Tian Temple, which means “Middle Heaven”, was constructed in 1992 using traditional Chinese Buddhist architecture and is situated in Logan near Underwood Park. Surrounded by nature, the Temple provides a peaceful and culturally beautiful venue for the community to celebrate their multicultural diversity and multi-faith harmony through Humanistic Buddhism.

Besides promoting Buddhism, the Chung Tian Temple was established with the goal of integrating Eastern culture into Australian traditions in the context of multiculturalism. It is an active cultural, educational (over 11,000 school students visit each year) and tourist centre in Queensland and has been widely recognized as a successful model for its multicultural approach in Australia.

Chung Tian Temple organises several versatile activities for the community. Many of them aim at fostering talent and appreciation of art through education and promoting multi-culturalism through cultural activities.

Current facilities include:

• Ch’an Garden

• Museum • Tea Room

• Blessing Bell  • Buddhist Flag

• Temple Pagoda

• Water Drop Teahouse

• Sutra Transcription Room

• Bodhisattva Hall

• Foyer • Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery

• Meditation Hall

• Arhat Garden

• Lotus Treasury Room

• Temple Pagoda

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