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Logan Village Museum

The Logan Village Museum complex is set with in the Logan Village Green complex.  This is a collection of historic buildings with two being original to the site.  The other buildings have been moved to the complex and renovated.  All buildings except for the upper floor of the old school have wheel chair access.

Website is

For further information Contact  Coralyn 0418738468

The Museum is open 7 days a week
9.00 to 12.00 and other times by arrangement
The entry fee is $2.00

The little house to the left of the School, is where the Doo Drop Inn was originally placed but was moved to its current position in 2013.

All of these buildings are used for a number of purposes, and can be hired by Community Groups by an hourly rate.

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People often contact the Museum asking what to do with items which they cherish, but they feel that the family will not be interested in when they pass away.

Our suggestion to these enquiries is that in this case, write the story of each item stating where it came from, who gave it to you or why you purchased it, and what it actually means to you.   If this item has come down through the family write what you know of it.

It is so much easier now with the use of the internet to be able to research many of the older items.  Collectors now have pages on the internet where you can scroll through and hopefully find what it is that you have in your possession.

Attach this information to each article and hopefully this will assist your family in deciding what to do with it when the time comes.

 Another suggestion is that if you should wish a certain item go to a certain person, then tag it with that persons’ name.  Leave information as to what has been done, let your Executor know and they can pass it on.  This is another way to have your wishes followed.

Due to the Christmas holidays, the Museum will be closed from the 16th December until the 6th January.

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