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Logan History


Patrick Logan was born at East Renton in Berwickshire, Scotland in 1791, the youngest son of Abraham Logan and his second wife, Janet Johnston. There is no record of his exact birth date. His baptismal entry, dated 15th November 1791, records the baptism of twin children, Mary and Peter, a name which seems to have been corrupted almost immediately to Patrick.

The Logans were an extremely ancient Scottish family, dating back to the days of Robert the Bruce when two of Patrick Logan’s ancestors accompanied the Bruce’s heart to the Holy Land. In accordance with the traditional career options of younger sons of good families at this time (the Army, or the Church), the young Patrick Logan purchased a commission as ensign in the 57th Foot in 1810. In view of his subsequent reputation amongst the convicts at Moreton Bay this was perhaps an ominous choice. The 57th had such an unenviable reputation for flogging its soldiers that it was popularly known amongst the forces as the “Steelbacks”. More …