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Terms of Reference

Logan Tourism Association Ltd

Purpose and Scope
To ensure Logan Tourism Association members operate in accordance with the best practice principles of the tourism and leisure industry

The scope of the LTA Committee encompasses those operators, managers, suppliers or manufacturers involved with a facility that incorporates tourism and leisure

The aim is to maximise the economic and community benefits of the tourism and leisure industry and to be relevant to and supportive of operators at any level of business.

Committee Performance Indicators

• Quality and robust advice on tourism and leisure industry is effectively presented to the Board in a timely and efficient manner.
• The views of the tourism and leisure industry sector are effectively presented to the LTA Board.

Chair: Able to present the case for tourism and leisure industry
Members: Required total 6-9 individuals with an interest and expertise in issues of relevance to the tourism and leisure industry

Specific Responsibilities

1. To consider, identify strategies and provide advice to the Board on tourism and leisure industry issues including:

• Occupational Health and Safety and risk management issues
• Advancements in technology, design, product and service development
• Marketing and promotional advancements
• Public health issues relating to Karting
• Identification of business opportunities and intelligence for LTA members
• Human Resource and staffing and employment issues
• Maintenance of industry standards

2. To act as an Advisory resource for the Board in answering referrals from the Board, membership or potential members on tourism and leisure industry related issues, policies and principles.

3. To contribute to the building and enhancement of LTA membership from the tourism and leisure industry sector.

4. To contribute to the success of the LTA Trade Show by recommending and recruiting tourism and leisure industry related presenters, exhibitors, sponsors, suppliers and attendees.

5. To provide a conduit from the tourism and leisure industry sector of ideas and issues for consideration by the LTA Board

6. To build and promote the work of the tourism and leisure operators within the Amusement Leisure and Recreation industry and externally as approved by Board.

7. To contribute as necessary to the Australian Standards revision process of standards relevant to the tourism and leisure sector.

8. To undertake other responsibilities delegated by the Board of Directors provided that they are consistent with the purpose of the tourism and leisure industry.

Member organisations, individuals and external organisations involved in related work were invited to provide input to the tourism and leisure committee through any viable means of communication.

Recommendations on all matters must be submitted to the LTAA Board of Directors for approval.

Decision Making
Decisions within the LTA Committee will generally be made by consensus. If a formal vote is requested by a member of the Committee, each voting member (including the Chair) shall be entitled to one vote. In the case of a tie the Committee will determine whether to do further work or to submit the item to the Board with a request for direction on the matter.

The LTA Committee will meet as necessary to achieve the success measures outlined in these Terms of Reference. It is suggested that one face to face meetings be held per year, with other meetings held via telephone or electronic means on a needs basis. The principal method of communication and decision making between meetings of the LTA Committee will be by e-mail.

The Chair shall ensure a record of correspondence, e-mail and decisions of the Committee together with a written record of any telephone conferences or face to face meetings.

Reports to LTA Board & Works with

Association Members
Board of Directors
Logan Tourism Officer
Logan City Council Marketing and LOED
Operators, Suppliers, manufacturers and other industry stakeholders


The term of office of the LTA Committee is to be determined by the constitution
21st Feb 2013